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  • rickestrick

    April 21, 2020 at 5:51 am

    @andresbriano I laughed out loud at your story. I really enjoyed it. Are you going to have everything before the reveal be super-serious? Something akin to old Conan comics or LOTR before the last page reveal of a farce? I’m interested to know how you would hide the surprise that the Big Beast is a roach and not some mythical creature. What would the characters actually be doing for the first 7 pages, speaking the beast up, one-upping each other with how insanely badass their myths have made it out to seem? Can’t wait to read it, great job.

    @toddmatthy I know you’re heart is set on the wrestling one but I have to be honest I’m most taken by the Jack/Roz love story. What if Jack realizes that Roz’ asteroid is headed toward a black hole and that while she thinks his attempts are to get to her to impress her he is actually trying to swerve her away from the impending doom? Curious as well why you chose Black Terror as a licensed character to work on. I love that property and think it’s a great choice but it’s not one I see often as a favorite of others.

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