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  • vince

    October 28, 2021 at 10:49 pm
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    hi D. Alley,

    Thank you for diving in a bit with regards to motion comics vs motion graphics.

    I guess the basic way I see it is, that ‘motion graphics’ is a catch all form of animation mainly 2D and some 3D that is animation of ..graphic design. From corporate logos, to ESPN football openers, to all the TV identity animation you see. The ‘roots’ if you will of motion graphics are in 2D – flat stuff flying around. As opposed to full lush 3D character, and worlds flying thru space, yadda yadda. Motion Comics, like the beloved rough, jerky Spiderman TV comics of the late 70s is animated comic art material. Which is the sample reel I did online.

    I truly believe, that there could be a market to provide the technical savvy of animating motion comic content for self publishers who need jazzy trailers on their Kickstarter campaigns.

    I’m juggling multiple dishes in the air myself, from self-publishing my quarterly comic, a graphic novel, calendar art and more. But in the spirit of comic artists networking with similar, somehow it would be cool to make this a commercial offering to others. There are great comic artists, but their are not animators.

    I thought I heard you mention you do animation? Digital or cell? I use basically After Effects with Photoshop to scan in and animate, with some fx plug ins and audio too. I’ve added a short IG logo here also. I did a quick CBS fly in sting, for Buddy but way too late before NYCC came up – maybe next year {?}

    look forward to your thoughts on this, and where it might lead.