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    April 20, 2020 at 5:41 pm
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    Working title. Street ball
    comic book layout

    Page 1
    Kevin (12 year old) gets off the train, to be picked up at the station by his aunt, uncle and Cousin (tall, wide built boy, 13), who he is to spend summer with while his mother is working.

    Page 2
    Kevin gets a rolled out mattress in his cousins room, he notices all the basketball posters and memorabilia in the room. They relate over the common interest. Cousin say they should make up a street ball team with a friend of his to compete in an upcoming tournament.

    Page 3
    Kevin and cousin heads out, and meets up with Friend (13, small skinny kid.)
    They arrive at a ballpark, filled with players on all the courts, so they sit on a bench on the sideline watching.

    Page 4
    A basket opens up and and the trio gets ready to play. A group of older teenagers cuts in and claims the basket. They say they have waited for it, that its their turn, then the older teens challenge them to play for it. First to reach 11.
    Friend wants to just go home, cousin accepts the challenge.

    Page 5
    Our trio starts out pretty well, hitting a couple of shots. The teens starts playing rough, throwing elbows and such.
    Our team starts blaming each other.

    Page 6
    The teens make the final shot by using a dirty trick. Wins the game, claims the basket for themselves.
    Cousin is pissed and wants to fight them, Kevin holds him back, and Friend just wants to go home and play video games instead.
    The trio leaves.

    Page 7
    Walking home they come upon the hidden back alley court. They dribble up to it, only to be interrupted by a grumpy old man yelling out his apartment window.

    Page 8
    Grumpy old man turns out to be an old coach, and gives them some tips.
    The kids fix up the broken basket, hangs up a trash can or fruit basket or car tire. And starts practicing.