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  • maryamsmark

    September 19, 2021 at 5:49 am
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    Yea I think it would be great to meet with the group. Give the group updates, engage with them directly, and ask them what are they up to – a great way to pull in those who haven’t done the challenge – ask what are they doing instead, and how the CBS can be a support system and vice versa. Even asking them to share out the next events on Tuesdays along with maybe giving the members a chance to see each other. Ask them what would they like/need to see on our Youtube channel too. That would totally help get some extra insight – could build out for the next year, possibly. If the next challenge start dates are near, mention that so members can schedule it and maybe make another hashtag. Get some CBS student voices – make it a monthly or bi-monthly meeting so those of us who originally joined the CBS community can still stay included beyond the message boards.