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    April 20, 2020 at 8:17 am
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    @zammap Yes the entire story is the interplay between the women and how they navigate what I perceive to be the top 6 female archtypes.

    • Virgin / Mother / Matron / Lover / Bitch (or Ex-Lover) / Omega (Woman not associated with men).

    Basically I want to see how a group of women will navigate the Zombie apolcolipse without men (for the most part).. It will rely heavly on their interactions and how they deal with what’s in front of them as a group of cooporative (or non-cooraproative) women. The most important thing to me is their interactions and reactions to the situcation that’s my story focus. I realize also that these women are playing architypes, they may or may not actually be mother’s, lover’s, etc. but that’s the role they play in the group. And they will not all be straight. Although I am straight myself, so I am nervous to protray a different sexualty than mine. I think I have a good handle on the characters so we’ll see how I do, hopefully I’m not downright insulting.

    So here is my plot:
    “We open on a small suburban house in Dallas. Six women in various states of a hangover wake up after a barchelorett party and each comes to realize there is a zombie at the front door. The women deal with the first zombie which only to annouces their presences to the neighborhood. They rally to escape the house as the hoard begins to descend and breakin. And we see that maybe this group is not as friendly as they could be. Will they survive the zombie onslot? Will the escape the descending hoard? Will that annoying narrator ever shut-up? .. oh.. um I guess we’ll find out.”

    After re-reading that post it sounds kinda high concept; but it’s really just a women’s only ‘escape the zombies’ story. So I hope it will be a fun read. My current Story is 28 pages long, so we’ll see how I can trim it to keep it moving, wish me luck!

    Erin (AKA the Redheadeded)