• aesthetic-derelict

    August 21, 2021 at 8:28 pm
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    My biggest challenge is the tendency to second guess myself. I deal with a fair share of anxiety and constantly worry about doing something wrong or making something that won’t be up to snuff.

    I tend to create this idea that I’m letting something down if I do anything less than perfect, despite the fact that I know that I’m imperfect to begin with. This tends to lead to a cycle of self-doubt, which in turn leads me to freeze at the writing table.

    That said, the best thing to do for me in this situation is to just go ahead and do it, as it is much easier to refine than it is to stare at an empty page.

    In my case, this usually extends to my writing then my thumbnails and then my pencils.

    By the inking stage, I’m more or less committed to things and I can actually relax a bit.

    Also James, I do know of Fate/Stay Night and its myriad complexities, so yeah, you had quite a lot to dig into on that tangent.