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    April 20, 2020 at 5:38 am
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    Hello, all.
    Sorry for being late with all of this. I’ve been working on this in the shadows, using some characters I made in an old Inktober run. Wanted to tell something that had some cheesy sci-fi adventure, with a bit of that gross humor that appeals to young audiences.

    The Battle of the Belly of the Beast/Reflex
    Story: Space explorers Kip Kerstromm and Vanessa Variable are in the middle of a mission to save the prince of the Sofservian dynasty from the clutches of the evil Eradikor. When Kip’s original plan of escape turns complicated, he and Vanessa must find a new way of escape before the Eradikor bounty hunters capture them.
    Page 1: Our “Story recap” illustrating how Kip and Vanessa landed in their current situation. There obviously was not a previous adventure, but this should serve to create the feeling of tuning into a “pulp” adventure.
    • Previously on Kip Kerstromm, Man of Tomorrow’s Yesterday From the Future.
    • Kip and Vanessa were in a life and death struggle to save the prince of the Softservian Empire from the clutches of the Evil Eradikor.
    • Taking their chase to the skies, the dueling parties found themselves on the wrong side of a Grubnarian Muncher and were swallowed whole!
    • Now our heroes must fight to survive…
    • Title: The Battle of the the Belly of the Beast!
    Page 2: Kip explains his plan, to get the monster to vomit them out by striking a strange protrusion that he believes to be the monster’s uvula. Vanessa isn’t so certain.
    Page 3: Kip enacts his plan and it immediately fails. He’s struck an Ooblak, which serves a purpose completely alien to his understanding. The Eradikor are more confused as to why he thought that might work.
    Page 4: Vanessa leaps into action, battling the Eradikor while Kip flails about for a solution
    Page 5: Vanessa continues fighting while Kip shoots whatever he can in the background in order to see if he can trigger the reaction he wants. Eventually, he gives up and sits down, defeated.
    Page 6: The Sofservian Prince points out a protrusion that is actually the creature’s uvula, and Kip gives it a final zap.
    Page 7: As the Eradikor surround Vanessa, Kip comes running back, dragging his partner back to their ship. The Eradikor are once again, more confused than upset.
    Page 8: The creature starts to throw up, washing away the evil Eradikor and giving Kip and Vanessa the momentum they need in order to make their escape.