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    April 20, 2020 at 4:52 am
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    Here we go! Basic plotting for my story:


    Page 1- Narration from our protagonist ROBBY. We learn about his backstory in major beats, i.e; teenager from small town, not many friends, bit of a misfit, trouble at home, Seeks peace in Nature, encountered strange “shimmer in the air” [mysterious dimensional portal/rift in time&space] which leads him…

    Page 2- …Now he’s “Here”. Obviously somewhere very foreign, perhaps even alien planet or dimension. He is captive by malevolent creatures, surrounded by menacing architecture and strange foliage. Where is “Here”? He doesn’t even know. But Here, at least, he has some friends.

    Page 3- We see he has a tall, chalk-white, bug-eyed alien (SKIZAZZ) captive alongside him. They seem to know each other. We get a panel or two [visually cue to show an earlier point in time Here] “freeze frame” giving a quick profile of who SKIZAZZ is. Then, right on cue…

    Page 4- A large half-page+ splash of BI-DO MALFOFA, bestial warrior crashing into the scene, wreaking havoc on the malevolent creatures. ROBBY and SKIZAZZ are happy to see him!

    Page 5- Similar to page 3, cut to panel or two [visually cued to show an earlier point in time Here] “freeze frame” giving a quick profile of who BI-DO MALFOFA is. BI-DO MALFOFA frees ROBBY and SKIZAZZ. ROBBY grabs his backpack; is it intact?

    Page 6- We get a “Pulp Fiction”-esque mystery glow from the backpack; they have the item, time to escape! Fighting off malevolent creatures and running, funny banter.

    Page 7- A funny moment with ROBBY being carried by SKIZAZZ while BI-DO MALFOFA hacks away the pursuers. Some teamwork; we see this trio has spent at least some significant time together and they got into this mess together.

    Page 8- Safely escape. Bit of calm resolution. Cut back to ROBBY’s narration. See trio wandering off into the sunset on their next adventure. Callback from Page 1 of him once being a typical teen, who at first found himself lost, but now he is…ROBBY BEYOND!!!

    FIN…for now!

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