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    April 19, 2020 at 9:18 pm
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    Series Title: The Unfixed Man
    Characters: Anuton (“Newton” or “Newt”) Holloway ; Saint Elaine
    Story Title: A Prince of Thieves
    Setting: A generic, run-down city

    Page 1:
    • Large splash page
    • Newt lurking with crowd, watching large religious procession coming by

    Page 2:
    • Newt observes the starving people reaching out for Saint Elaine’s procession. He is disgusted at Elaine and her people for taking advantage of the situation.
    • Newt sets off his charge and sneaks in close to the fuel tanks

    Page 3:
    • Newt, working on draining the tanks, discovers Elaine’s trap
    • Elaine hesitates a moment, just enough time for Newt to back up from the tanks
    • Newt is blown back by the device once she sets it off

    Page 4:
    • Chase/fight between Newt and golems
    Page 5:
    • Newt slips free, down an alley, followed by a flash of light
    • Golems turn down the alley, it’s a dead end and is empty.
    Page 6:
    • Clear of the golems, newt is heading home
    • He performs an act of charity. Newt finds a family with an ill child huddling over a heating grate as he makes his way home. Grumbling, he uses some of his fuel to heal the child.

    Page 7:
    • Checking his fuel gauge, Newt realizes he is worse off than before he attempted the theft.
    • Turning a corner into an alley that leads to the abandoned warehouse where he lives, he is caught fast by something; surprised/shocked.

    Page 8:
    • Large splash page
    • Caught in a web, figures lurking in the background call his name.