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  • buddyscalera

    July 23, 2021 at 9:04 pm
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    Great news. Our panels (listed above in this thread) have all been approved. Anyone who is on a panel will have a pass waiting at the door.

    Panelists and Helpers will have passes waiting for them at the door. You can attend both days, even if your panel is only on one day. If you want to be a Helper (and haven’t told me already), please let us know here in this thread.

    Since many of you are from the area, I suggest you coordinate rides. I am unable to rideshare at this time, since I have family in the area, so it is likely to be a dual-purpose trip for me.

    Also, we are also coordinating a live chat for this Tuesday evening with the show organizer. We will discuss our panels with him at that time.