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  • thesurrealari

    July 21, 2021 at 7:10 am
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    Here is the draft text of my proposed panel:

    Title: Origin Story: An interactive character workshop in character creation

    Moderators: Cathy Kirch (Columbia University; My Writing Hero; Online Center for ADHD Writers) and A. A. Rubin (Comic Book School).

    Panelists: Kris Burgos (Tales Beyond), Dennis Knight (Pronto Comics), Alexander Sapountzis (Wayward Raven), and Sam Vera (Catch Da Craze).

    Description: Join us for a roundtable conversation about how to create compelling characters from both the writer’s and artist’s perspective, followed by an interactive workshop where our panel will create an original character–on-the-spot–based on our discussion and suggestions from the audience. Learn the elements of effective characterization and try to stump our all-star panel.