• krisburgos

    July 11, 2021 at 9:45 pm
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    I am very much a reader who supports a good story over a creative team. That being said, I have looked at some of my favorite creators/writers and found that majority of them are male. This could possibly be also due to the fact that majority of the writers who get attached to the comics I read (I’m talking about the Big 2 here) are males. Thinking about that, I’m looking in recent memory where the female teams are for comics like Spider-Man and X-Men, or Green Lantern and Justice League. The only books I can really think about that have female writers happen to have female protagonists, I’m thinking about books like Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey, that kind of stuff. I could be totally wrong here, but I think female writers thrive more in the indie scene, because they’re not being “bogged down” by studios catering to rampant “male fanboyism” (I’m thinking of something like Monstress). But again, I’m not as in-the-know for creative teams as I probably should be.

    And eye-opening documentary to watch is the Chris Claremont X-Men documentary. His editors on X-Men during his historic run were females. I know he creates killer characters in general, but It somewhat could hint why he created so many awesome female characters and his editors could’ve been a driving force for his writing. Check it out on Amazon Prime, really awesome doc.