• izmoney10000

    July 11, 2021 at 8:01 am
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    I have raised this question in my store, the most common answer is that the politics that some writers force on readers both male and female are not appreciated. When someone pays $3.99 for a book from one of the big two the story and art are the things that need to come first and a persons political beliefs need to come second at the end of the day if no one buys the book you are selling it comes down to either not liking the story art or both adding to that if you are too busy pushing your agenda without context to a viable storyline the average comic book reader who likes major characters who have been around for 50+ years that expect a pb&j sandwich but instead receive a mustard sandwich they not all are going to be happy about it.

    My second favorite run on Daredevil was written by Ann Nocenti Gail Simone did an amazing run on Birds of Prey Wendy Pini was awesome on Elfquest and by all means Social justice has its place in comics of course but if you are going to preach from the comic book soapbox why not make the story interesting as well? Example EC Comics. As I said that is the type of response that I receive from both female and male comic book customers. At the end of the day all anyone who spends their hard earned money wants is to be entertained.