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    April 18, 2020 at 7:31 am
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    No Shelter Page Breakdown

    Setting: ~950AD; Viking Town in the Forest, on a River
    Time of day: About 30 minutes before SUNSET
    Gunnar – A Viking Warrior (Cares about self survival → Kaia’s survival & Accepts fate)
    Kaia – 8 yr old Viking girl (Cares for herself → Cares for Gunnar)

    Page 1
    – The SUN lingers above a mountaintop in the distance
    – GUNNAR hides in the shadows between a cart and some crates; he’s in rough shape;
    – He thinks about having to get out of the town before his people destroy it
    – Gunnar sees a small HAND in the distance, reach out from the shadows of a house and grab an apple in the dirt
    – He gets up to investigate

    Page 2
    – Gunnar sneaks through the shadows, hiding from the monsters off-panel
    – Gunnar enters the house

    Page 3 – Gunnar meets KAIA, eating the apple & defending herself with a KNIFE
    – Gunnar & Kaia discuss her survival & the town’s fate
    – Gunnar plans their escape: a suicide run through the open meadow between the town and the forest
    – The sun is CLOSER to setting behind the mountain

    Page 4
    – Gunnar decides to increase their chances by stopping at the Armorer’s shop
    – They leave the safety of the house
    – Gunnar and Kaia slink through the shadows

    Page 5
    – More hiding through the shadows, avoiding monsters, Gunnar always stands protective of Kaia as she points the way
    – A MONSTER notices them enter the Armorer’s shop
    – The sun has REACHED the mountain and is half set behind it

    Page 6
    – Gunnar arms himself with a new SHIELD and AXE
    – A monster creeps into the house
    – Gunnar decapitates the monster; Kaia warns Gunnar of a second monster behind him
    – Second monster dives onto Gunnar smashing them both through the wall of the house outside

    Page 7
    – Gunnar fights monster on his back, shield between them, screaming for Kaia to run
    – The shield cracks as Gunnar shows despair, Kaia’s knife lands in the ground next to him
    – Gunnar grabs the knife and slams it into the side of the monsters head
    – Kaia helps Gunnar upright with new weapons at their feet
    – The sun is GONE behind the mountain and DUSK has arrived

    Page 8
    – Kaia stands ready, sword in hand, to defend Gunnar
    – Creatures come out of the shadows surrounding them
    – Gunnar rests his hand on her shoulder and points upward, beyond the creatures
    – Flaming arrows streak through the air, mixing with the stars in the sky, coming down on them