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    April 17, 2020 at 8:02 pm
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    Right, I have provided feedback over private messages. I’m still waiting on some of those writers to hit me back. 🙂

    Here’s the plotting of my own story.

    Characters: The Elf General, the Dwarf General, the Orc General, the Goblin General and the legendary beast Gunungwangi.

    P1: The generals of two great armies at war attend a negotiation in the middle of a bloody battlefield. On one side, an army of Orcs and Goblins, who have called for the momentary truce. On the other, one of Dwarves and Elves.
    The reason for the truce is that the Orcs have learnt that this legendary beast that has been decimating their people is not working for the other army as they originally thought. They have learnt (from a prisoner of war) that the same beast is also massacring Elves and Dwarves.
    The Elf General asks who the prisoner of war was, but he is ignored by the enemy.

    P2: The Dwarf General recounts their prophecy called The Twilight of the Gods, where a gigantic beast is the herald of the end of times. The Orcs propose that both armies work together to slaughter the creature. And Dwarves and Elves agree, but with the condition that the prisoner of war that has been tortured is released.
    The POW was the Elf General’s 12 year-old daughter, and he does get her back… at least a part of her (the severed head). The thirst for blood does not prevent both armies from working together, but in secret, the Elf General and his Dwarf counterpart plan to betray and slaughter all Orcs as soon as the beast is killed.

    P3: It is decided to join the skills of each race to create a magical weapon like no other seen before. It will be forged by the Dwarves, using fire provided by the Orcs and iron ore provided by the Goblins, and the Elves would grant it magical powers.

    P4: This magnificent weapon (which is a mixture between a catapult and a crossbow that fires a metal arrow the size of a minibus) starts to be forged.

    P5: The weapon is finally done and all soldiers stand together for one last fight.

    P6: The beast shows up. The weapon is fired at it.

    P7: But the arrow bounces off the beast’s skin without even scratching it. [All is lost feeling] And then, just as the prophecy predicts, before the end of times, the day turns suddenly into night.

    P8: The warriors look up. What they see is not easily recognizable for them, or the reader. It is the sole of an All-Stars sneaker that is coming down on them. The foot lifts up after having squished a cockroach on the lawn. Because of a matter of scale, this gigantic Gunungwangi was nothing more than a garden variety cockroach. And the tribes that were battling it, were merely millimeters tall.