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  • krisburgos

    April 17, 2020 at 2:01 am
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    Totally appreciate the feedback and I know at this phase it’s still relatively hard to hand out with just simple bones and nothing really showing meat on them to get clarification. One of the things I’m glad you pointed out is that in the concept I didn’t make clear the contrast between the girl and the warrior’s attitudes and how they’ll change. Gunnar will be coming more from the position that the girl is a burden an will hinder his survival whereas the girl just looks at him as a away out. By the end, she’s the one stepping up to protect him and he’s pretty much at peace that he’s going to die. In the scripting I’ll definitely note to make their positions clear.

    As for your ideas… I’m with @thesurrealari, and think your first concept lends to this project very well if you end up using it. I think it’ll be interesting to see someone doing whatever he can to defend something and in the end, despite “losing” he still wins. Almost like its the final seed to the survival of everything and even though he doesn’t get to see it bloom, he saves it. If you go in that direction, the importance of the seed has to be clear and the lengths the wizard goes through have to be far… like John Wick far.

    Oooh, what if you had a badass wizard, “Wohn Jick” that goes postal on the goblins invading his palace using mystical weaponry and double taps… Lol. (ignore me, sometimes I’m stupid)

    Thanks again!

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