• krisburgos

    June 5, 2021 at 6:18 am
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    Hey Ari,

    I absolutely loved the descriptions of each time period. It totally feels like I was with the chambermaid as she went from room to room cleaning the various time period “sets”. And I don’t feel there’s any need to reorder the rooms. I understand that something tragic happened to her son, my guess is that he fell in the pool, but the hints as to what exactly happened are too subtle. I reread the story twice to try to find more hints, but I feel like I failed at seeing more connections. If you’re thinking of eliminating some of the time periods for word count, my suggestion is to keep the ones that generally are linked to her son. If they all were and I just didn’t see it… that’s another issue.

    That said, I understood the story as one about a chambermaid who gets upset at the memory of her lost son… every day. And in the idea of working within a hotel room that has set dates for rooms, it’s apt that she herself is cursed to stay within a “time” period and not move on. Very nice.