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  • adada661

    April 16, 2020 at 11:29 am
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    Hi I’m zammap and I’m a freelance illustrator. Only in the past two years have I finally been able to work on some serious personal projects since I became a stay at home mom. It’s very hard for me since I normally tried to go for paying jobs rather than doing what I want. My recent claim to fame is a major update to a project called MandoMaker that I had started ten years ago (which involves lots of coding and not much drawing). Otherwise I just like to draw out concepts and ideas that come to me and try to develop my style(s). I used to try to focus a lot on comics for over the past decade but now that I have time I’ve been trying my hand at animation (which is fitting for someone who is all over the place with style)! I think the only real professional thing I’ve done is work on some card game illustrations, cover art and logos for a game company called Nine Kingdoms.

    I’ve been to Buddy’s creator connection panels in the past at NYCC but never made any connections (even though I was a good girl and emailed everyone I met!) but I think this forum is doing a far better job at getting everyone to talk to each other! A few years ago (2015) my drawing was featured on the NYCC banner as part of their contest and got free tickets (which I gave to my friend since I already have pro passes lol)