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  • adada661

    April 16, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Gonna repost my story ideas here since it doesn’t seem anyone is using the writers forum anymore. If you have already responded in that forum, I’ve read it. 😉

    1- Untitled
    Writen by me and my husband


    It’s a gritty post apocalyptic story that takes place in like a desert or ruined city. A wizard is trying to use magic and stuff to bring a seed back to life. Some goblins and stuff attack him/his base and they have a battle. He dies but later is seen that the seed/plant has sprouted from his corpse. All action, no dialog.

    2- Untitled super hero story


    A little boy with super hero powers lives in a normal town in a normal world. Unlike most super hero (kids) everyone in the town knows about him and has big hopes for him when he grows up.


    Boy gets upset when he doesn’t make it to the baseball team. Teachers/coach had decided it was for the best (unfair to other teams, might injure someone). Boy contemplates what’s the point of having super powers and how it’s unfair that he can’t have a normal life.


    I don’t know XD. So far I think he should meet someone with a disability (either an adult he doesn’t know or a fellow classmate that he didn’t realize had a disability, like asthma, who also can’t play baseball). And realizes that his issues aren’t special to his own and that there are plenty of people who don’t have “normal” lives and they coupe.

    In general it has no action save for a few parts where he is showing off the fact that he has powers, and lots of dialog. Not only does it explore the concept of a super hero in the real real world (no super villains, no monsters, no end of world) but one where a character comes to terms with his gifts and their disadvantages. I would prefer to find someone who can do a traditional realistic comic style artwork, of which I have very little experience doing.

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