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  • adada661

    April 16, 2020 at 10:58 am
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    Okay, apparently I still don’t know how to tag people with spaces in their names properly @_@

    @Samuel Barber : I really like this story idea. Like there is a lot behind the characters but the set up allows the reader to understand and “catch up” in order for them to enjoy what is going on. There might be a lot of dialog in the first page or two compared to the action pages, but the relaxed environment of the bar should works to not bore the reader. But with such a set up I’m concerned if there will be enough pages left for the fight.

    @Matthew Timpanelli : This kinda reminds me of the movie Brazil. Aside from the fine details, also wondering how the story will conclude.

    Okay, I think I’m done for now. lol
    I already got the general plot laid out for the eight pages, but want to have my husband go into them and add the fine details. Like, I know the main action in our story is a fight that ends in death but I would rather he write out what exactly happens. We also started to talk about the style I would be drawing it in. Originally I was going to make this into an animation, so in my head it was going to be a rather simple cartoony style, but he’s right, this is a comic, so I can do a more realistic style. Pretty much any style.

    So far I have seen at least two stories form here that I would be interested in drawing for, but we will see how it all develops. :O

    Still don’t know how to end my super hero story. It might just die off and give me less work to do. XD