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  • toddmatthy

    April 16, 2020 at 7:39 am
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    @victord2 Hi Victor, Your idea is a lot of fun. However, it seems like a lot for an 8 page story. Have you thought about putting the focus squarely on Apex Prime and near the end of the story with an exhausted Apex, having to accomplish his final task?

    Hope this helps.

    @mrkylerose Hi Kyle, I like your idea. It’s very Twilight Zone/2000 ADish. Have you thought about having Future Abigail confront Past Abigail? The story feels a little open ended, unless that’s your intent.

    @gdawkins2 Hey George, thanks for the feedback. I took a look at Coldcash. You have a fun idea but I feel like its missing something. Have you thought about having Black Ice and Lavatasha be in cahoots or have a past with each other?