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  • XanderXero

    May 24, 2021 at 9:18 pm
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    i usually love dumb movies. case in point: i will watch all the Fast and The Furious movies. but for some reason i kept rolling my eyes with all the cliches on this movie. and i kept saying “good! you should just die cuz you’re dumb”. i find myself saying that over and over too when i used to watch The Walking Dead. Maybe im just over the whole zombie trope thing and how everyone seems to act dumb in it. Or maybe it’s because i finished it at 3am and I’m supposed to wake up at 5am to run (i didn’t). The women are so pretty though i feel my face fluster whenever there’s an extreme close up of them.

    I guess it would be fin if youre a little high and buzzed and was watching it with friends so you can scream at the screen together.