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  • george-dawkins-ii

    April 15, 2020 at 9:16 pm
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    Here’s my plot:

    Page 1- Black Ice enters the bank with an icy explosion.

    Page 2- Black Ice freezes the security guards then heads for the safe.

    Page 3- Lavatasha flies in the bank making an entrance.

    Page 4- Black Ice shoots a blast of ice at her and Lavatasha counters with a blast of lava causing a clash.

    Page 5- Black Ice’s blast overpowers Lavatasha’s blast. Then he shoots more ice blasts at her causing her to fly in order to dodge them.

    Page 6- Lavatasha flies towards Black Ice and knocks him out with a flame-propelled kick to the face.

    Page 7- Some unthawed security guards handcuff Black Ice as Lavatasha uses her heat to unthaw the last of them.

    Page 8- Lavatasha flies away with a smile.