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    May 20, 2021 at 1:58 am
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    Hey Red. Thanks for your response.
    Christine is the main character. The only heart line is hers.

    The two necessary components are the Hierophant’s portal and Stopwatch’s bubble. Together, they’re the origin of the hotel, and of Stopwatch being trapped in his time bubble. So, at least those aspects of the battle have to be addressed.

    Stopwatch being trapped and Christine being his adult daughter are the final panel reveal.

    The story is set in the hotel. The battle is told entirely in flashbacks, narrated by Christine.

    Hierold (nee Hierry) is ultimately just the sounding board for her to tell the story. The conflict between their views is not a focal point and just flavors a couple lines. But his ignorance is ultimately disrespecting her loss, which fuels the story being told at all.

    It’s far less complex than it seems. I’ll have a script posted later today.

    Very much appreciate your notes. Thanks again.

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