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    April 15, 2020 at 7:35 pm
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    Parasomniac by Matthew Timpanelli

    A socially awkward man going through an existential crisis develops a sleeping disorder where he is faced with reoccurring night terrors. Every night he has different versions of his worst fears as a demon attempts to consume his soul. His only respite is a woman who is always present and helping him thwart the monstrous being.

    His issues become so severe his waking life becomes difficult to manage. His lack of proper sleep has him hearing and seeing flashes of his nightmares. As his obsession intensifies, he experiences odd coincidences which lead him to believe that his dreams are coming true. He then meets a woman who resembles the heroine in his visions, however she is unaware of her involvement, if any. There is something undeniable about their strange connection to each-other as she becomes aware of their shared fate.

    [Noir style in the main characters waking life. His dreams vary in style, as each dream he has is themed in a different horror genre (Zombie, Fantasy, Hell, Ghosts, etc…)]

    Excuse my crude sketch of the cover

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