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    Springboard #1: Chapter 4 – Where do we go from here?

    After talking Primrose into going to a local bar (in Italy), Alabaster and Primrose sit to have a few drinks and relax to talk about their future and past. While at the bar a young girl comes in to beg for food and work from the owner of the bar. At the same time, a rough group of men comes in after what is presumably illegal and illicit behavior. The leader takes an interest at the young girl talking to the owner.

    When the harassment of the young girl begins to escalate, Primrose notices Alabaster is ready for a fight. Primrose now knows this must be the reason Alabaster wanted to meet up tonight. This must be about another one of his visions. As a 1700-year-old druid that happens to be bat crazy after all this time, he still feels the need to be a protector of the good in the world but there are often underlining reasons for his actions.

    Two against eight doesn’t seem fair based on the skill of Alabaster and Primrose who move in tandem like they have been fighting together for years (when its been centuries). While the gang of men seems tougher than your normal gang, they go down none the less all save the leader, who now has the girl in his clutches.

    The two begin to try and subdue the leader and get the girl out of harm’s way. Alabaster and Primrose notice that the leader is unusually good at fighting and doesn’t seem to be going down. They both realize at the same time that this isn’t a human being, it’s a demon in a human disguise, at this time the demon shakes off the human skin and Primrose and Alabaster see what they are truly up against. As a new level of fighting begins the demon scatters the two and turns his attention to the girl. As the demon gets closer, the girl begins to scream in terror. But as she continues to scream, it becomes powerful and begins disintegrating the demon where he stands, when it hits its peak the inside of the bar is destroyed and only the girl, Primrose, and Alabaster are left standing.

    The girl immediately takes to Primrose and Alabaster. Alabaster tells Primrose the importance of the girl and what he has seen in his visions. Primrose agrees to take the girl and continue with their work to find one of the original demons that had fallen to earth and left here to suffer. Not in heaven and not in hell. Chained to the earth as punishment, always seeking to break free and destroy the humans on earth. The three decide to head back to the monastery Primrose lives with a group of nuns (first indication that Primrose is a nun).