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  • buddyscalera

    May 16, 2021 at 9:00 am
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    Good questions, @thesurrealari .

    Crypto Investing

    Crypto could be a bubble. Very possible. Considering that the article you linked to was from 2018, yes, we could certainly be at a bubble point. Or not. Nobody can say.

    Most investments have some inherent risk. It all depends on your tolerance for risk. If you don’t like that kind of risk, crypto is probably not an investment for you.

    I’ve been testing the waters to learn about how it is done. I’m not ready to drop serious money into it.


    NFTs are an emerging technology. It’s a similar (but not the same) kind of investment as crypto in the sense that it is built on the blockchain.

    The legalities of these transactions are probably going to be sorted out in real time. I think it’s early days for most of us, so we’ll just have to see what it means for comic book creators.

    What’s “valuable” evolves over time. Collectibles change. Right now, everyone is trying to figure out NFTs.

    To answer one of your questions, no, NFTs are not just paid by crypto. NFTs are a form of product that people can purchase using real money. It’s a digital product.

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