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  • josh-dahl

    May 12, 2021 at 9:23 pm
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    Great points all around.

    I think we’re describing two slightly different things which are “toxic hustle”.

    One is the internalized value of “Work hard and then WORK HARDER!”. When you think that working harder is the solution to every problem, you stop examining causes and contributing factors. When you got even MORE toxic, you start thinking of actually addressing or solving problems as antithetical to “hustle”.

    And there’s the physical manifestation of this, which we SEE when we picture “hustle”. It seems like what we are basically talking about here is in-person sales, marketing, and networking at events. In this case, the hustler is not getting the results they expected. Instead of actually unpacking their behaviors and their results, toxic hustle answers with “go HARDER”.

    And that doesn’t work so they GO EVEN HARDER.

    So, let’s think about solving things.

    Are you aware of times when your hustle has gone toxic?

    Are you willing to take a hard look and risk discovering that your CURRENT HUSTLE might be toxic?

    What does this toxicity look like for YOU?

    And, what thought strategies do you have to get through it?