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  • jholder12

    May 10, 2021 at 7:36 pm
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    I would add that Toxic Hustle can affect your relationships with fellow creators. When you don’t see “perfection” in your efforts, you look at the success of others and wonder what they did. On con floors, it may even make you a presence no one wants to be around.

    Some of the best things to help with the hustle, while still maintaining the search for the winning edge, is understanding that comics is both an industry and a large community. And that your goals are both financial and communal. Your success is determined not just by how many units sold, and profits raised, but also who you get to work with, on what sorts of projects, and what they achieved in helping the community at-large. Even if it only seems like it created a great new book for one small con, that is worth so much more than dollar signs.