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  • victord2

    April 14, 2020 at 1:42 am
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    Multi-dimensional Invasion Force meets Immovable Object
    Apex Prime vs the Bad Guys of Marvel & DC Comics (analogues) 😀

    Springboard #1 – “Earth’s Greatest”
    Coincidence collides when a collection of criminals and conquerors, from two SEPARATE universes, decide to invade the Vantage:Inhouse Universe…on the same day. At the same time. Two armies, both alike in infamy, suddenly appear — daring to wreak havoc of untold proportions, first find themselves at odds, until their momentary match up draws the attention of this universe’s greatest hero — Apex Prime.

    Facing off against their combined legion, he outwits, outmatches, and simply knocks out every opponent. The first wave — The Brutes, powerhouses in their own right, but unsophisticated and easily broken down. The second — The Shooters, highly tactical that recognize the best means of fighting may NOT be head on. But their strategy is short-lived against Prime’s power. Thinning the numbers substantially, next we have The Energy Wielders, elemental despots who finally have the means to tip the battle in their favor…if only they understood the foundations of teamwork. And last, The Masterminds, the most dangerous group of all — having weighed and measured the magnitude of Prime’s abilities, one familiar with the likes his scope, turns on the others in a brilliant flash of devastating power. Alone, he stands, the final competitor…but he doesn’t fight. He extends a curtsey, and vacates back to his dimension, leaving the others behind.