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  • john-ashton-golden

    April 13, 2020 at 7:39 am
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    Series Title: “Robby Beyond”
    Story Title: TBD
    Written and Illustrated by John Ashton Golden
    Main Characters: Robby ___, Bi-Do Malfofa, and Skizazz

    Elevator pitch: A fantastic quest for home a la The Wizard of Oz, set enthusiastically against a uniquely blended backdrop of swords and sorcery and science fiction.

    Overall Concept: A precocious loner of a teenager in a small country town named Robby, finds himself whisked away to another world one fateful day. He doesn’t know where he is or how exactly he got there, but it is clear that he is “not in Kansas anymore”. He soon meets and reluctantly takes up travel with the huge, bestial, feline warrior Bi-Do; and the telepathic, scientific, bug-eyed alien Skizazz (the three characters are well fleshed out visually already). Along the way they find themselves in many adventures, predicaments, danger, and personal evolution! I see this as an ongoing series with a huge potential for creative expression and direction, yet easy enough to end when the time is right.

    Backstory: This is a story and a cast of characters I have been kicking around in my head since I was in college at RIT back in the late 90s-early 00s. I pencilled at least 10 pages and inked 7 of those back then for a class. I’ve drawn and thought about them several more times over the years, and would love to create a pitch for either a Kickstarter or to send to a publisher, so I see this 8 page challenge as the perfect environment to finally do that!

    8 Page Story Concept: In this 8 pages we would be introduced to Robby. He is the narrator, and describes himself and his small town life. We cut to realize that Robby is certainly not in this small town life anymore, and is actually in great peril. He is surrounded by strange beings, two of which we quickly understand are on his side. The trio break free of their predicament, have some sort of scrap encounter, and possibly recover something related to their perilous situation. We get the broad strokes of the three main characters’ personalities and capabilities. We may or may not also include a quick interlude back to Robby’s family, who only understand him to be missing for some time now and are extraordinarily worried. Enter a bold investigator named Paul Davides, who suggests to the family he be able to shed new light on what happened to Robby (character inspired by David Paulides, author of the “Missing 411” series). The 8 pages ends on a high note, with our trio safe and sound and moving on to their next adventure, leaving the reader wanting more.

    The goal here is to present the basic tenets of the “Robby Beyond” series, and tantalize the future possibilities, but deliver just enough satisfaction in the events to let it feel like like a nice little sci-fi vignette that stands alone in an anthology setting.