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    April 13, 2020 at 5:43 am
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    IDEA #1 – Based on the “Mid-Life Crisis” characters by me and my pal @andyseabert.

    Mid-Life Crisis
    Crisis, Villain

    Springboard: “Our Town Villain”
    Crisis is at a local town function in his secret identity when he realizes that someone in the crowd may be a stone-cold villain who went missing 20 years ago. Now he must decide if he should attempt to apprehend the villain and blow his secret identity. To make matters worse, he’s concerned that a battle could injure innocent people.

    Of course, the hardest part is trying to ID the villain while not appearing suspicious. We play this as serious comedy. That is, Crisis is serious, but it is comical as he tries to use his smartphone to ID the guy.

    In the end, he must make a decision: Attack or let the villain get away. But the real twist is when the villain approaches him to say that he knows that Crisis has been watching him. Crisis is ready to fight when he realizes that the guy wasn’t the villain at all.

    He was either (a) a minor hero who came and went, (b) a guy who was a villain, but not the one that Crisis thought, or (c) something else. Not sure what the final twist is, so I’ll need to work that out. Needs to be funny.