• buddyscalera

    May 4, 2021 at 7:58 am
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    Thanks, <a class=’bp-suggestions-mention’ href=’https://create.comicbookschool.com/members/thesurrealari/’ rel=’nofollow’>@thesurrealari – I am planning to pick it up approximately 1 million years in the future, as he sits alone in his space capsule.

    He floats in high orbit, long after we have abandoned Earth for intergalactic space travel. He is basically a willing prisoner in the Time Inn, where he has long outlasted his need to eat or drink. All of his media and comforts have long since disintegrated. Now he just has to wait and be patient for the completion of his personal mission.

    I think I may change his personal mission to be something like “until the end of life in our galaxy,” so he has an end.