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    Series Title: The Unfixed Man
    Characters: Anuton (“Newton” or “Newt”) Holloway

    Story Title: A Prince of Thieves
    Characters: Newt vs. Saint Elaine and her thugs

    Newt, a Traveler, is running low on the power source he uses to both sustain his life and enable him to skirt the laws of physics. Another Traveler, Saint Elaine, is in town, preying on the locals to build her own fuel supply, and Newt intends to take what he needs from her. She is holding a procession through one of the main streets of the city, where Newt plans to create a distraction, slip in, take what he needs from her fuel tanks, and slip out again quickly. Little does Newt know, Saint Elaine and her associates are expected him to attach them, and they’ve set a trap for him.

    Saint Elaine’s line of religious devotees lead a long procession through the streets, her own large carnival float in tow, guarded by her golems. Newt, hiding on the fringes of the gathered crowd, waits for his moment. He launches a flash bang grenade into the middle of her golems, quickly moves to her fuel tanks, and hooks up his extraction device.

    Sensing him nearby, Saint Elaine gives the order, and one of her golems triggers a stunning device attached to the fuel tanks. She miscalculated, however, and the tank ignites, hurling Newt away from the float as it erupts in flames.
    Revived golems chase Newt, who turns down an alleyway and he … disappears. He has teleported using some of the last of his fuel. He discovers that he barely extracted any new fuel from Saint Elaine’s tanks, and consumed precious resources escaping. He’s in a worse position than when he started.

    He’s distracted from his reverie by the sight of a huddled family in a nearby doorway, their child is sick. He rolls his eyes and grumbles, and uses yet more of his precious fuel reserves to heal the child.

    He turns a corner down an alley heading toward his home. While distracted by a gauge showing him that his fuel reading is dangerously low, he is caught in a large sort of spiderweb. Three shadowy figures lurk in the background, whispering his name.