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    April 13, 2020 at 4:51 am
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    Title: No Shelter
    Writer: Kris Burgos
    Artist: ?????

    The world is being slowly overrun by dueling factions of monsters as the first signs of Ragnarok have begun. To combat the opposing sides as the creatures fight for domination of Midgard, the various Viking tribes have united their forces to combat the threat and survive.

    GUNNAR is a warrior in one of the Viking forces and he’s found himself cut off from his group after they’d infiltrated a town stuck in the middle of a days-long monster battle. Their initial priority was to survey the monsters and purge the town of both factions. That mission had gone fubar and the Vikings have now been ordered to evacuate the town, for by the time the sun sets behind the mountains to the west, the town is to be decimated by a flaming arrow bombardment from the distant treeline to the east.

    The story starts here…

    Gunnar is trying to get out of the village before the bombardment begins, using the commotion of the battling monsters and the shadows for cover. He’s been roughed up, already barely surviving an encounter or two and now weaponless, when he finds KAIA, a young girl who has survived the days of violence on her own. Together, they make their way to the docks in an attempt to sail their way to safety, but the fighting has destroyed the boats and monsters battle in the river.

    They backtrack through town to attempt the highly visible run from the village through the vast clearing to the woods to the east, where Viking forces await, stoking their fires and readying to annihilate everything. Before they can attempt the run through the open field, Gunnar and Kaia are forced once more into hiding. In the armorer’s shop. After Gunnar reequips a shield and axe they are discovered by a hellish beast. Gunner stands ready to defend the girl but is quickly disarmed of his axe and is thrown through a wall. The monster has Gunnar on his back with only his shield between them as he screams for the girl to run. Disobeying, Kaia throws her knife to Gunnar who drives it home into the creature’s skull.

    Dragging his axe and a small sword with her, Kaia assists the warrior to his feet. Their scuffle has attracted more monsters and the two are surrounded by creatures. The child steps in front of the warrior holding up her sword and ready to defend him as they both look upward and see the sky lighting up from the east. The flaming arrows are coming.

    Visualization: The style I’m seeing for this is that the monsters aren’t really seen until the final confrontation. Only the destruction (bodies and buildings), shadows of creatures in the backgrounds, and the characters’ reactions to what is seen or heard off-panel are what is on the page. So this can be a series of closeups and environmental work with shadowing and lighting playing a big part until the end.

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