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    Title: “The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning”
    Characters: Abigail, Officer Rob

    Logline: Abigail steals a time machine in the future to save herself from her own past.

    After arguing with her family on their annual camping trip, Abigail runs off into the woods and stumbles upon a sizeable obelisk-like object. She doesn’t know it, but this is a time machine. In order to get a closer look, Abigail leans into the machine and is accidentally transported approximately 100 years into the future. Upon arrival, she is arrested by Officer Rob for stealing said time machine. She pleads that this isn’t the case, and she has no idea how she got there.

    Abigail manages to breaks the cop’s grip and makes a run for it. A chase ensues. Unfamiliar with her surroundings, Abigail looks for anything that might help her elude the pursuing officer. This scene plays out much like the opening chase scene from “Trainspotting” with Abigail dodging obstacles and avoiding traffic. She puts some distance between her and officer Rob but is spotted by one of the city’s many hi-tech surveillance tactics— a pigeon with a back-mounted camera. The station radios Rob Abigail’s position and he takes a shortcut to catch up. Thinking she is safe, Abigail ducks behind a video kiosk. Rob catches her and draws his baster, asking her to come without a struggle.

    Out of the corner of her eye, Abigail notices another time machine being washed by its owner. She throws her phone at Officer Rob and takes off for the Time Machine. Knocking over its owner, Abigail jumps inside and slams the door shut. The machines A.I. asks her when she wants to go. She tells it 5 minutes before she left. The A.I. scans her, gets a temporal lock, and returns her to her present.

    Abigail runs back to the campsite to warn herself. When she gets there, her parents tell her, ‘that was quick.” Realizing she has just missed herself, she runs back into the woods just in time to see her ‘past self’ fall into the time machine—completing the circle and sealing her fate.