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    TITLE: Untitled as of now
    Written by Rakeem Nelson
    Story Concept: In this noir-like tale, a young detective is given the case of her elementary school career when a client goes to her with proof of the lunchtime bandit. The young PI is happy to prove to the others that she’s the best at what she does. But with crooked hall monitors, lazy teachers, and ears that seem to be everywhere, this PI might have bitten off more than she could chew.

    Moments away from solving the case, Susie Sureway wakes up tied to a chair in an abandoned classroom. A voice from the shadows tells her not to scream as everyone else is out at recess.

    Earlier that day Susie was in her janitor closet office organizing her trading cards. Suddenly in walks Vanessa Basial and Henry Ink, two kids from a neighboring class. Susie wants to kick them out but sits them down for a round of juice boxes when they say they have a tip on the lunchtime bandit.

    Armed with her clue, Susie begins to chase after the case. But her new lead lands her in a trap.

    Back in the present, out walks Henry out of the shadows revealing that the clue was fake, and it was all a set up so he could join the hall monitors. Little does Henry know; his teacher was in the room the whole time.

    Returning to her office, Susie finds it broken into with one of her prized trading cards stolen. And the only clue is a bow from Vanessa.