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  • toddmatthy

    April 13, 2020 at 1:46 am
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    Hi everybody,

    Here are my ideas. If you’re interested in drawing any of them, please email me at Or message me here.


    Written by Todd Matthy

    Crusher Christian is a veteran professional wrestler who treats the business like it’s real. He is booked to lose a match to Sleazy Steve and take his finisher, the “pelvaplex.” Crusher doesn’t want to take the pelvaplex. Instead he decides to teach Sleazy Steve a lesson, physically. When he and Sleazy Steve set up the pelvaplex, Crusher hits him in the face with an elbow. He tells Sleazy Steve if he wants to win, he’s got to show him he deserves it. Crusher actually wrestles Steve. Steve wins with a low blow and cradle. Crusher says there is hope for him. One week later, Sleazy Steve shows up at Crusher’s wrestling school.

    “Hole in the Sky”
    Written by Todd Matthy

    An artist named Kirby lives on Asteroid X-616. Everyday he draws what he sees and talks to Rose, who lives on a neighboring asteroid. One day a hole appears in the space near them. Rose dares him to find out what’s on the other side. Kirby takes the dare. First, he builds a cosmic fishing rod. It fails. Next, a cosmic harpoon. It fails. Rose laughs. Finally, he builds a cosmic grappling hook and snags a nearby meteor. Kirby and the meteor are pulled into the hole. Rose wonders if she’ll ever see him again.

    “The Target”

    Written by Todd Matthy

    The world has succumbed to an aerial virus. People cannot go outside without masks. Misako Kasura is the top assassin for the Company, a group fighting the virus. Her orders are to kill an agent trying to smuggle a new strain of the virus into America. In exchange, the Company promises to give her daughter the first vaccine with the cure. She completes the mission. Searching the target’s body she finds a pack of seeds with coordinates. Misako memorizes the coordinates before dropping the seeds at Company Headquarters. She goes home and enters the coordinates into G-Earth. The coordinates are an island where the virus is contained. A voice tells her that if she’s seeing this it means their agent was terminated. The voice says the seeds are to a tree that absorbs the virus. Their agent came to America to plant it. The voice finishes that this was the only attempt they’d make to share it. Misako looks at her daughter, who’s breathing through a respirator, and realizes she failed her.

    “Black Terror: Brainwashed”
    Written by Todd Matthy

    Told in the style of a classic Golden Age feature. Jean Starr is driving in a blizzard when her car gets a flat tire. She goes to a nearby house for help, unaware that inside is a mad scientist. The mad scientist brainwashes her. The next day, Bob Benton is at his drug store when he sees the bank across the street is robbed. He sees the culprit is Jean. Bob turns into the Black Terror and follows her to the mad scientist’s house. Inside, the mad scientist orders Jean to trap the Black Terror in his brainwashing machine. Refusing to fight her, Jean shoves the Terror into the device. Seeing the Terror in agony snaps Jean out of her hypnosis. She turns off the device only to find the Terror has been brainwashed. To test his loyalty, the mad scientist orders the Black Terror to tie Jean to a press. He does. Jean cries to the Terror for help, overriding the brain washing. The Black Terror shoves the mad scientist into his device and brainwashes him into surrendering, allowing him to free Jean with no trouble.