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    April 12, 2020 at 11:37 pm
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    My Concept
    Camriddeon and the Leighman Lurkers
    Written by: Jack Holder
    Illustrated by: Evan Scale

    Told from the perspective of one of the village boys.
    Camriddeon is a young mage in the court of the king known as the Wild Bear. He is sent to investigate tales of monsters plaguing a small village town called Leighman. He comes into the town, speaking with elders, and playing with the children at the same time.
    There is talk of the Leighman Lurker. A terrifying beast that dwells on the old crossroad just outside of town. For decades it has done harmless pranks, but now, it seems to have developed a taste for blood.
    Late at night, Camriddeon goes out and takes on a terrifying beast. The boy sneaks out, and watches Camriddeon take on the Lurker. A winged, clawed thing, while he does battle with magic and a will to match. He destroys the beast, and is about to bend down towards something, before turning and sending the boy home.
    The townsfolk cheer Camriddeon on the next day. And he talks with the townsfolk, happy for what has happened. But the boy can see a small sadness in Camriddeon, and silently follows him again. Camriddeon goes back to the crossroads, and sees the true Lurker. A misshapen, glowing spirit, ugly and depressed. Camriddeon takes the beast with him, far away from the terrors of man.
    Camriddeon takes a last look at the boy, who sees what the mage is doing. And the mage smiles, and tosses a ball towards the boy, before being gone without a trace.