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  • philipspace

    April 12, 2020 at 11:30 pm
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    Trapped in Time (Working title);

    Girl from the 25th century and her 19th century Cowboy companion are being chased by guardsmen in the Middle-ages. Captured by the Evil Knight, they are taken back to his castle and dungeon where they await torture and execution (’cause it’s the Middle-ages).

    Evil Knight is accompanied by a Young Squire, who is the future heir to the lands and castle overseen by Evil Knight, and have a brief horseback conversation on the way back to the castle.

    That evening, Evil Knight meets with future-girl’s nemesis, Evil Professor, who has been tracking her across time with his henchman, a 19th Century Bandit. The Evil Professor offers the Evil Knight a way to take control of the kingdom by offering him advanced weaponry in exchange for his prisoners, but this meeting is overheard by the Young Squire. Before the protagonists can be handed over, the young Squire sneaks into the dungeon and frees them. They reacquire their future-tech, and race through the castle seeking escape, with guards in pursuit. Finding a room, Future-girl opens up a time portal. The last panel has all three of them standing confused in 21st century Big City, repeater, sword, and time-wand at the ready.

    At this point I have the page flow pretty much plotted out, and I’m working up thumbnails and prelims. I wanted to go with easily recognizable character archetypes so that the story could get right underway. My other thought was Future-girl and the young Squire meeting up with the Cowboy in the 19th century instead (still ending in a 21st century big city), but I like the “Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court” vibe of this just slightly better.