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    April 25, 2021 at 9:39 pm
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    Thanks for commenting!

    At this point the trick is going to be keeping the story from becoming too violent (something I wouldn’t want too much of anyway) or keeping what violence there is “off-panel”. In the context of this story the Team are using stun technology to avoid having the local militia come down on them. Specifically the “bad guys” have devices monitoring their vitals, any deaths will result in the mission going from a “covert” to an “overt” operation, and the Team having to fight for their lives to escape hostile territory.

    <a class=’bp-suggestions-mention’ href=’https://create.comicbookschool.com/members/psychophipps/’ rel=’nofollow’>@psychophipps and I were initially discussing a bigger story overall, but our intention at this point is to bookend the 8-page Hard Knocks story later on with a chapter before and a chapter after at some point once this project is complete. 10 pages would have given us a little more leeway to better establish the characters, but 8 pages is fine too.

    The world we created that this story happens in was something we developed a long time back, and at one point we were using it as the basis for role-playing game campaigns in our respective locations. The challenge right now is both introducing readers to the setting and characters, as well as winnowing out extraneous information to create an enjoyable and dynamic tale.