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    Title: A Day In The Life of Mr. Stupendous

    By: A. A. Rubin (Writer) and Arielle Lupkin (Artist)

    Concept Summary: Being a crime-fighting hero isn’t easy, especially in the modern city. You’re out all night fighting crime, working a day job to put food on the table, and trying to maintain your secret identity in a world where smartphones and security cameras are watching your every move. Follow the adventures of Mr. Stupendous, as he navigates the trials and tribulations of being a spandex-clad vigilante. Sure, he’s been blessed with the ability to fly and superhuman strength, but those powers are useless against his boss’ uncanny ability to barge into his cubicle when he is trying to catch a quick nap to make up the hours of sleep missed after a night of fighting crime. Further, his wife is starting to get suspicious about all those late nights, and he can’t exactly be truthful about what he’s really been up to, even to her. Still, things aren’t all bad. Nothing beats the feeling of soaring high above the city, or delivering the knockout blow after a hard-fought battle with a giant green alien. Now, if only this city still had decent phone booths in which he could change into his costume. Mr. Stupendous satirizes the superhero genre, providing readers with the “inside story” of the daily life of the World’s Greatest Hero. Along the way, they will find that despite his amazing abilities, his problems are, in the end, all too human.

    Plot Summary: The story follows MR STUPENDOUS throughout a random, typical day in his life. Starting with a late-night battle and his arrival back home in the early-morning, post-midnight hours, and covering his daily routine from his morning ablutions through a “special” surprise dinner he prepares for his unsuspecting wife using his super-powers.
    The structure is loosely episodic, following his daily routine—including using his wife’s concealer to cover his bruises from the previous night’s battle, having to fly to work in the rain after missing his train, being berated by his boss for being late again, having to use a port-a-potty because there are no more phonebooths in the city, etc—are loosely connected by the timestamp which will occur throughout the comic (similar to the clock in “24”) to give shape to the day, and all highlight the way that he is both slightly outmoded in the modern world, and that his everyday problems are exasperated by his secret life. Each episode is punctuated by the title character sarcastically saying, “Stupendous.”

    Underscoring the comedic story, the driving tension stems from Mr. Stupendous overhearing (using his super-hearing) his wife’s suspicion that he is cheating on her, and his desire to get home on time to make her a nice dinner and allay her concerns.
    Thus, while the individual gags are episodic and could in many cases stand on their own without the frame story, there is a circular narrative underpinning the story, between the wife’s suspicion and Mr. Stupendous’ duty as a costumed hero.
    At the end of the story, when the couple is sitting down to a dinner, complete with wine that Mr. Stupendous has flown to France to procure, Mr. Stupendous asks his wife if she likes the meal, and she responds with a completely unironic “Stupendous.”