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    April 12, 2020 at 5:07 pm
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    Characters: The Elf General, the Dwarf General, the Orc General, the Goblin General and the legendary beast Gunungwangi.

    The generals of two great armies at war, agree a momentary truce in the middle of the battlefield to sit down and negotiate. On one side, an army of dwarves and elves. On the other, one of Orcs and Goblins.

    A common enemy has appeared and has been decimating all races equally. Each race according to their own legends, believe that this gigantic beast is the herald of the end of times. The dwarves speak of their prophecy The Twilight of the Gods: that says:

    Gunungwangi, an immortal Seven-Headed Dragon with sharp spears in its legs, born in hell from Serpent and Flying Beast, big as an ocean, with a shriek as thunder, and an appetite as a volcano that is never satisfied until no more flesh remains.

    So they decide to unite to fight it together. And for that, they will join their skills to create a magical weapon like no other seen before. It will be forged by the Dwarves, using fire provided by the Orcs and iron ore provided by the Goblins, and the Elves would grant it magical powers.

    This magnificent weapon is forged and all soldiers stand together for one last fight. The beast shows up and the weapon proves useless as it is destroyed in a first attack, without even harming the creature. And then, just as the prophecy predicts, before the end of times, the day turns suddenly into night. Which, in reality, is nothing more than an All-Stars sneaker that steps on a cockroach. Because of a matter of scale, this gigantic Gunungwangi was nothing more than a garden variety cockroach. And the tribes that were battling it, were merely millimeters tall.