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    April 12, 2020 at 5:12 am
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    this is the story concept for Lyla and My story!

    TITLE: Crocus Tavern
    Written by Lyla Katz
    Art by: David Shear

    Story Concept:

    Hana is your typical high fantasy Tavern keeper. Working hard every night to provide for her regulars as well as adventurers that have returned from or are going on quests.

    Hana Inherited the Tavern from her father but is feeling unfulfilled with the busy tavern lifestyle and wonders what she is missing.

    After strong-looking Barbarians come to claim the Tavern as their own territory and enslave Hana, a mysterious rogue warrior steps in to save Hana and her Tavern from the ruffians.

    The rogue makes it known that their pronouns are they/them and they’re name is Kei.

    Hana is enamored by the warrior’s strength and cool personality and asks them to be a full-time security guard at her Tavern to which Kei accepts.

    Hana begins her life with Kei and is feeling more fulfilled having someone by her side.