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    April 10, 2020 at 5:15 pm
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    I absolutely agree with all of the above and I’d suggest to those looking for feedback (which should be everyone) to not be afraid to ask yourself, or of those being critiqued, how much feedback do you want? For example, with my Art students(HS 10-12), when I first meet them and start offering criticism, I’ll directly ask them how they feel about me giving them some suggestions to improve the piece, or at least a different perspective on how they might approach their work. The response is usually positive (again HS) and I typically use the “critique sandwich” method above to do so. As the students get more comfortable with my and each other’s criticism, the sandwich isn’t always necessary and some of my more eager students just go for the middle and ask me what needs to change.
    Long story short, the key to successful criticism as noted in all of the examples in this thread, is effective communication and and an understanding that this is all built honesty and respect.

    If you ask for honest criticism, please expect it. 🙂

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