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  • joshdahl

    April 2, 2021 at 6:51 pm
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    I have yet to read any explanation of what VALUE NFTs may have.
    Market value is set by t he interplay of supply and demand. NFTs have created an artificial SUPER LIMITED supply. There is only ONE of each token.

    However… No one has demonstrated any DEMAND. I have yet to see a reason that anyone might WANT one… Other than the very vague “Someone else might want it eventually!”
    More and more, the only real use I can see is as a vehicle to launder money in illegal transactions

    “Guns? No, no, no, officer! I simply wired my friend three million dollars for a gif of a kitty!”
    For exactly that reason, I think there will be massive regulatory hurdles for anyone actually trying to include these things in a legit portfolio.