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    April 2, 2021 at 1:04 am
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    Thanks for your feedback! I like the idea of having a photo or set of photos that show a mutual disdain for lions between Titus and Marcus. They would have to be seen somewhere in his room, so I’ll definitely discuss with @Bauldeury how to best show them.

    This project has really made me research gladiators, and in doing so I’ve discovered that the animals gladiators fought, which I had to choose from, include lions, bears, tigers, bulls, boar, dogs, cheetahs, panthers, rhinoceros, and hyenas. I also discovered a gladiator named Carpophorus who’s said to have once killed 20 animals in a single battle, but with the 8-page limit and my inclusion of 3 other gladiators, I came to the decision that it would be best to have just one animal.

    The reason I picked a bear is because to me it just seems like the most challenging/intimidating choice on its own. Have you ever seen The Revenant? While I’m referencing movies, you may also remember in the classic film Gladiator that Maximus killed a tiger, but there was more than one tiger in that fight and they were really just a distraction while he was facing the other gladiator.

    To be honest, my intent behind the line about
    Titus’s parent is to leave the reader wanting to know more about his origin
    so I can potentially build on that later. I try to look ahead, so I’m hoping
    that I get to continue (no pun intended) this story somehow. As a result, I leave questions
    purposely to create a demand for answers that I’m prepared to give in the
    future. I understand if this may be a risky approach.