• Dave

    April 1, 2021 at 11:02 pm
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    Thanks Kris, we definitely are going for the message that Morgan is abusing the Time Out tech/ this tech is bad. So if that came across, yay!

    Re: an intervention, that’s a really good idea that I don’t know that we can fit within 8 pages! It’s exactly the sort of scene I’d love to write in prose, but alas, comics!

    Kyle’s art will do the heavy lifting, but I imagine the son being sincere at the end, which, hopefully, should be even more crushing to Morgan/the reader because of how much it does mean to him. And does it crush Morgan/force her to break her addiction? Maybe I cop’d out with the open ending, but it’s up to you!

    It’s very possible the hyperbolic time chamber from dragon ball z is the true narrative inspiration here