• krisburgos

    April 1, 2021 at 8:35 pm
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    Zero character development… and I couldn’t care LESS. Everything about this comic has me excited, it’s truly an anachronistic extraordinaire! Wow. From the art styles fitting the different time periods, the period specific dialogue, to the narrator being involved with the story, and the pop culture shout outs (the doctor line was absolutely genius) as a writer, I’m very jealous of this one. Even the lack of character development is working with the story, because it’s reminiscent of a time when comics were just adventurous, swashbuckling ditties where one story had no affection on another. Reading it was also like watching the Chicken fights on Family Guy… no purpose, but incredibly fun to watch nonetheless.

    This is also a chance for the artists to really show some skills. For the artists: Are the Periods go that take place in the Middle Ages and Shakespearean eras also going to have their own looks? Because I think it would be great (though challenging) to have the Middle Ages read like a colorful and beat up scroll (as monks were generally the only writers at the time) and possibly some Renaissance style realistic fine art painting for the Shakespeare stuff. Not sure if that’s been discussed, or if it’s possible but just an idea. Again, I’m super excited for this one, have fun guys and gal!