• mikedoestheart

    April 1, 2021 at 7:20 pm


    thanks for taking the time to read! I think we addressed the number of panels in page 8, so it may have been a less recent update of the script that may have had more than 8 panels. 11 panels would be on another level entirely, i agree! lol

    I think it may be a little nebulous without knowing how we’re setting up the shots throughout the story with regards to your comments on the script — we already have the pages laid out and one of the more important aspects is how Niknak traverses Gibu’s room throughout – i’m going off of memory but i believe three of the pages show the same view of Gibu’s expansive room with many minute details that will change incrementally everytime the reader sees it, as it’ll set the tone for the passage of time in the outside world as well as for niknak/gibu and their relationship — that’s something we actually developed before the script was even halfway done, and i think that may be evident in how the script is written as some descriptive information is assumed to be known by those reading it. i’m hoping that the next phase of this will illustrate that a bit better!